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Free Download Mozilla Firefox 2015 Browser 2015

Amazing Features of Mozilla Firefox


Mozilla Firefox is a free, fast and open source latest web browser that offers innovative full features and intelligent page customization options. Its web performance is amazing and well created to secure your privacy. It includes streamed browser window, simplified privacy control, fast web search, tab browsing and pop-up blocking that will show you more of the page than any other web browser and numerous features designed to help you get the most of your time online.

Mozilla Firefox has many helpful features that make your internet surfing more convenient and fast every time you are looking for something. These features are fast and make your page secure. Here are the lists of features that distinguish it from other web browsers online.

  • Live bookmarks. This feature will allow the user to dynamically see and monitor the changes happen to their favorite sources of news. Instead of considering RRS feeds as HTML pages, it is treated as live bookmarks that automatically update in real time. Also, it has a link with appropriate web sources.
  • Download manager. This customizable feature is also added to make this browser more intelligent to use. The downloaded document can be automatically opened depending on the type of file or save options used in the disk. With this feature, an internet user can now view the URL source from which the file download originated as well as its website location was downloaded from.
  • Private Browsing. It is popularly known as “porn mode” that was launched in Firefox 3.5. This Mozilla Firefox feature allows user to browse the internet without leaving any marks in the web browsing history.
  • Pop-up blocking. This feature can be turned off entirely to allow pop up blocking from all sites. Also, it can be inconvenient at times, it prevents based links JavaScript opening a new window while a home page is loading unless the site is added to a “safe list” found in the page options menu.
  • Tabbed browsing. It allows the user to open several home pages only in one window. Also, it supports several tabbed features including the tab over flow, which keeps the user window tabs accessible when using.
  • Mozilla includes great features designed to enhance security. Also, it is free software, thus its open source code can be viewed by everyone. This way, it allows users to review the source code for their security vulnerabilities. In addition, private data like web content, cookies and passwords can be cleared whenever the web user wishes to.
  • There are more than forty languages available right now.
  • Spell check. Firefox has built-in spelling checker to correct and monitor texts and emails automatically.

The above mentioned attributes are just some of the basic features you will see if you use this web browser in your online searching. Aside from that, there are many other features you will find out in using Mozilla Firefox. These features are not only designed to make your online searching fast, but it makes your internet surfing more convenient.

Mozilla Firefox 39.0 – Final

What’s New in Firefox 39.0

Homepage – http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/

Size: 39.5 MB

Download Firefox 39.0 for Windows

Download Firefox 39.0 for Linux

Download Firefox 39.0 for Mac

Download Firefox for Android

Download Firefox 39.0 – All Systems and Languages

Download Firefox Portable



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